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Our comprehensive API is available for you to integrate GoVolunteer into your own system.


For more information and to get started send us a message.

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Connect to the national database

The API gives you total access to connect to the national database directly from your application.

You can:

  • Post opportunities
  • Read all active opportunities
  • Access volunteer expressions of interest
  • Read all active organisation profiles
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The API access license starts at $5000 +GST per annum for a typical NFP agency that does not charge for services and the cost is purely to offset our maintenance, documentation, enhancements and data hosting expenses. 


If you would like to partner with us or utilise the API for the benefit of volunteering in general or specifically your organisation please get in touch with our support team.

SEEK Volunteer utilises the API to talk to the database and allows organisations to manage opportunities and expressions of interest.

  • SEEK Volunteer admin